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This cute, dark haired girl is a sex slave of her beautiful mistress dressed in red latex miniskirt and sexy lingerie, and you won’t believe what kind of ‘punishment’ the hot mistress hands out to her dirty slave! First, she is made to lick her mistress’s legs and stroke her ass through the tight black latex material she wears. I think she hasn’t earned a right to touch her mistress’s body directly yet! Then it’s the master’s turn to play with her human toy… She binds her tightly to a metal post, gags her mouth, and suspends a heavy chain on both of her nipples, as the girl moans in pain and pleasure from such treatment… That’s just the beginning though, because soon the mistress takes out her favourite black whip and punishes her slave’s shaved cunt, then turns her around, and gives the same punishment to the nice ass of that sex slave, until it’s all red and sore!

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